How to Improve Security Camera Video Quality

Poor surveillance video quality, and interruptions occur due to a number of reasons. A few months ago, my home surveillance system was experiencing cyclical video disturbances, with colored lines appearing in the security camera video, or and the subjects were a bit blurred. It is mainly common to blame the equipment for the disturbances. However, I decided to test the cameras first.
I did this using a small length of good cable. To test the wire, I used a camera that I was sure it worked well. Then I bench-tested my “bad” cctv camera with the “good” cable to determine whether there is a camera or DVR failure. And in my case, that was the problem, the wires were too old, and poorly installed, and needed a complete overhaul. However, if this doesn’t work for you, there are different ways you can check and improve the quality of your security video camera. It includes the following:
1. Cabling issues

There can be multiple issues with cable runs that may cause video disturbance and interference. One of the most common issues concerning cables are;a) The cable might be stapled along, hence there is power transfer from the wire section to video side. Make sure that the cables are properly installed to avoid interference of video quality
b) Rodents and other pests may cause video disturbances and this is if the pest have nicked the cable. in this case, you should ensure the cables are free from pests attack.
c) Water can cause video interference according to me the cables should be properly installed so as to ensure that the cables don’t come into contact with water.
2. Software Programs

Software programs can enhance the quality of images, since they have wonderful features and their benefits are enormous. The video that makes use of software programs will be of good rapport.
a) Filmora video editor

Filmora video editor has the best features that any software program can probably have. It helps in the transformation of videos into a real masterwork with varied editing tools like cropping, rotation and cutting. It has mind-blowing options like filters as well as transitions.
b) Window video maker

This program will help you import video as well as edit them quite easily.This software program will enable titles to be animated together with texts hence making them catchy and additional features of picture in picture.
c) Pinnacle Studio

This software program has stability, speed and responsiveness that many programs lack. It is the right choice for me. Pinnacle studio is a faster and creative program since it has thousands of transitions hence will never fall short of options for enhancing the video.
d) Avidemux

Avidemux will enable you to enhance the video thereby attaining the highest level of quality and appearance. Avidemux is intertwined by multiple file formats, and you dont have to worry about compatibility.

e) Adobe premiere

This software program is helpful in editing high resolution videos so that you get the quality you want regardless of the resolution. Photoshop feature will also enable me to make editing easy because this program has been proven good for video enhancement.
f) Forensic video enhancement software

Ikena forensic has tools for enhancing video from any source including security cameras and mobile phones. It enables you to quickly identify important details like faces. One of the benefits of using this software is because it doesn’t require special hardware or time consuming training. This software can be used for video enhancement, which can be achieved in three simple steps: Import, export and enhance.
a) Import-it easily uploads videos from the camera or any other source.b) Enhance –allows one-click enhancement.c) Export – exportation of snapshots and videos is enhanced. This will help in auto generation of reports in case one requires clear evidence.